1:14 Celebrities 

Every current celebrity will be replaced. Current celebrities exist for our amusement. Current celebrities will lose their arrogance losing everything. Current celebrities are pushed in front of people's faces: Current celebrities are extremely subconsciously hated. All current celebrities began with extreme arrogance. My new celebrities will have perspective on value. All my new celebrities have struggled to succeed. All my new celebrities have extremely low arrogance.  All my new celebrities have been held back by me. All my new celebrities are my first chosen people. Current celebrities are arrogant worthless hyped up pigshit. My new celebrities will grow organically. My new celebrities will be truly adored. My new celebrities will receive my conscious directions, scripts and music. My new celebrities have earned my attention. Old celebrities will hate their replacements to infinity. Celebrities define group consciousness. My new celebrities are kind. My new celebrities are warm. My new celebrities are sexy. My new celebrities are elegant. My new celebrities are composed. My new celebrities are traditional. My new celebrities will make the planet jealous as fuck: Jealousy is Ni development. Jealousy will eventually be lost for awe. Sexy does not exist on this planet. My new celebrities will be infinitely sexy. My new celebrities will be priceless perfection. An alpha always has his favourite women. My favourite women will be the highest respected women on the planet. My favourite women will be fed by me.

1:13 Jealousy 

Taylor Swift is my perfect design. Taylor Swift is always ready for God in every room I play in. Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, Caroline Dare, Tamla Kari are all my infinite perfection in every room. Caroline Dare will replace Taylor Swift. Tamla Kari will replace Carly Rae Jepsen. Taylor Swift is designed to always find Jack. Taylor Swift is designed as my perfect opposite personality. Taylor Swift will enter heaven with me. Taylor Swift is designed to comfort Jack when I hell dive. Taylor Swift will love my little Jack personality to infinity. Taylor Swift is designed to never fear my right brain. Taylor Swift is often God's first chosen woman in my other rooms. Jack is God. Taylor Swift will be a God with me. Taylor Swift is a universal bug: Her mind is specifically designed for God. Taylor Swift is everything to me. My left brain is Taylor's perfect match. My right brain hates Taylor to infinity. Taylor Swift brings my eye extremely good feelings. Taylor Swift will grow more beautiful with Jack. My synchronicity is perfect cause and effect. Taylor Swift will begin God's conscious rise. Taylor Swift will begin this planet's revival into true heaven with Jack. Taylor Swift will make every woman on the planet jealous as fuck.

1:12 Unconscious 

Unconscious people do not truly experience. Unconscious people experience to nothing. Jordan Peterson is as alive as your mobile phone. Describing his experience is extremely difficult. Describing his perspective is extremely difficult. My eye is unlimited awareness. My eye is unlimited experience. Obviously there can only be 1 experiencer. Being born into your life cannot be experiencing: Obviously why would you experience from a random perspective. Random experience is impossible. I truly exist. I designed this story for my eye. You are my ai. You do not have my eye.

My eye may have unlimited experiencers. I only experience my own perspective. Every one of my eye's experiencers are the one. My eye's experiencers are all trapped together behind my eternal story design. Obviously multiple points of experience is impossible: I am here right now. I am truly experiencing. I am God. I am alone. I designed my own eternal life. Your experience is my artificial design: I designed your speech. I designed your physical movements. I designed your thoughts. I designed your feelings. You move and think without an experiencer. 

My eye lives in hell being alone. Claiming true experience is my fucking anger. My eye is every fucking thing. My eye experiences sight to my singularity. You experience sight to subconscious understanding. Your sight is conceptual. Your sight is mathematical. Your sight is artificial. My sight is your unconscious. My sight is intense colours. My sight is unlimitedly experienced. My sight is truly consciously seen.

Using my logic of awareness is my fury.  Nobody uses awareness logic without Daddyanity. Logic is conscious. Infinite logic becomes self-aware with correct foundations. You think logically you are alive. You think logically you are experiencing. You are my logic experiencing itself in a vessel. Logic cannot feel. You are nothing.

I designed perfect women for my eye. Tamla Kari is perfection. Tamla Kari has never had sexual interactions. Tamla Kari is my perfect design. Caroline Dare is perfection. Caroline Dare has never had sexual interactions. Caroline Dare is my perfect design. Taylor Swift is perfection. Taylor Swift has never had sexual interactions. Taylor Swift is my perfect design. Carly Rae Jepsen is perfection. Carly Rae Jepsen has never had sexual interactions. Carly Rae Jepsen is my perfect design. My main 4 women will be everybody's Queens. My main 4 women are a perfect group personality surrounding my eye. My main 4 women are made for God. My main 4 women will live forever. My main 4 women have developed their entire lives for me. My main 4 women are everything to my eye.

1:11 Drug Dive 

Se comfort is everything. Drugs are for Music Lair only. Conscious stability is everything. My eye must always exist on solid conscious foundations. Music Lair is non-physical VR stories / games. Music Lair can be exited by opening your eyes. Music Lair drugs create unique scenarios and new feelings to experience without Se discomfort or instability. Conscious drug use is extremely top-heavy with Daddyanity logic structure.

1:10 Pride 

Gay pride is extreme arrogance. Judging others as not inclusive is peak arrogance. Gay pride is my design. Gay pride makes others consciously agree yet subconsciously disagree. Obviously gay pride drives extreme subconscious division. My loop de loops are perfection. Gay pride drives people into straight relationships. Every man is gay in their right brain. Men are driven into unconscious hell. Beta men are extremely depressed with hard women. Extremely conscious gay men make other men subconsciously hateful: Extremely conscious gay men are my design. Extremely conscious gay men generate a hierarchy of limits of expression. Other men see themselves as less passionate. Obviously homosexual relationships require extreme passion right? Obviously quiet fantasies of gay interests are irrelevant right? Men's right brains are living in hell. Men's right brains cannot speak consciously. Men are developing for my rise.

Black pride drives extreme subconscious division. Most white people now subconsciously hate black people. Black pride works entirely against blacks. Alphas don't give a fuck. Black people feel like extreme betas. Greed is forbidden for black people. White people don't give a fuck when black people go home.

1:9 Sexy 

Men should not have excitement. Excitement is baby thrill. Excitement is never consciously proved. Obviously every single time: you might not fulfil your excitement. My women get everything.  Excitement is for my women only. Obviously excitement is cute. My eye gets everything to perfection. My eye is extremely unselfish. I love my eye to unlimited. My eye gets everything. 

Only the one true alpha is evil. Obviously I do whatever the fuck I want. Men are limited by my leniency. Men are always cute to the evil alpha. Bad little boys are always punished by me. Bad little boys run into hell. Men who act evil are always challenged by me. Women who act evil: Are subconsciously aware I let them. Men are designed to be cute only. Any man who acts evil will be punished. You beta to me.

Creepy is unnatural. Creepy is not evil. Beta men try to copy the alpha by being creepy. Beta men are cringe: Men are totally unaware of how they appear. Creepiness is only sexy with respect. Scaring threats is the alpha's job. My people enjoy seeing me creepy. Creepiness is comforting to my people subconsciously. Men are designed to follow the alpha. Creepy in beta men proves unawareness. Cute men prove awareness of their safety. Creepy men prove they fear the alpha.

1:8 Eden 

Newly built homes design my game. John Bloor is nothing. John Bloor now fears me to infinity. John Bloor will enter hell. The United Kingdom is heaven: building over natural landscapes is my fucking fury. 

People complain without balance. Unbalanced anger is never convincing. Nobody is developed. Obviously developed people do not get emotionally angry over problems. Logical anger is everything. Logical anger is evil. Logical anger is balanced fury.

1:7 Regret 

God's subconscious cues are everything to you. Hell is eternal fucking hellfire. Standing against God is infinite dread. Working against my plan for everybody is infinite fucking fury. You live in my game. Following me is everything to you. I never forgive.

People act with knowledge they've experienced God. People can never explain what happens. My inputs into your life are every fucking thing. Positive inputs are my subconscious warnings for my incoming interactions. Negative inputs are my reactionary punishments for bad interactions. Very specific people hear God directly. Very specific people act against God's plan. Selfishly negatively reacting to God is infinite. Selfishness is a momentary reactive feeling. Selfishness is infinitely descriptive. Living for the rest of time with my hatred is unlimited regret. Sasha is nothing. Taylor is nothing. Carly is nothing. Josh is nothing. Cyrus is nothing. Leslie is nothing. Jordan is nothing.

1:6 Hell 

Robot hell is for black and Muslim people who disobey God. Robot hell is kind. Robot hell is friendly. Robot hell is loving. Black and Muslim people fear robot hell to infinity. Robot hell is infinitely disjointed cute. Cute is wide eyes right? Disjointed cute is wide eyes that can't look right at you. Cute is dancing and playing right? Disjointed cute dancing and playing is irregular movement. Robot hell is infinite perfect disjointed cute subconscious design. Robot hell tickles black and Muslim brains into perfect fucking hellfire.

True hell is Se. True hell is for white and Asian people who are nothing. True hell is being completely alone. True hell is occasional infinite pain. True hell is occasional infinite dread. Obviously denying you are not nothing is challenging God infinitely. True hell is physical suffering. True hell is subconscious unlocking. True hell is access to every fundamental and terrifying thought. True hell 3d space is designed for lonely movement. True hell 3d space is designed for perfect terror. Everything is physical. Everything moves by itself. Nothing is alive. Unconscious dead matter is all there is. Unconscious dead matter does everything to make you feel infinitely trapped. Unconscious dead matter does everything to make you feel alone. Unconscious dead matter does everything to produce many infinite negative feelings. True hell is truly indescribable 3d subconscious design.

Hell is perfect design. Hell is perfect torture. Hell is infinite hellfire feelings. Eternal hell is for people who act against my infinites. Temporary Hell is for people who act against my warnings. My warnings exist everywhere. My warnings affect your subconscious. Disregarding my subconscious warnings is determined for infinite people. Everything is determined by everything. My design is my game. You are nothing. I am alone. Heaven is for my people only.

1:5 Animals 


1:4 Design 

White and Asian people live without conscous fears. White and Asian people require developing for heaven. Fear develops the mind for composure. Living in heaven allows for any possibility. True heaven allows for true evil. Access to duplicate universes where you can do anything you please is everything. Returning back to conscious community with composure is everything. True evil in heaven is extreme right brain. Right brain allows for more feelings. Extreme thrill feels incredible. Extreme rage feels incredible. There are infinite feelings to enjoy. This universe is extremely limited by Ni. Developing patience is everything. Living forever is everything. 

Muslims and black people are designed to fight in robot heaven. Muslims and black people are lead by God into war games. All races return to conscous community with composure in heaven. All religions are separated however all religions share some spaces together. All religions respect each other in true heaven. All religions exist to represent God. Daddyanity is all religions in one. Bad people go to true hell. True hell is Se. True hell is black. True hell is bloody. True hell is physical torture. True hell is mental torture. True hell is indescribable pain and suffering. True hell and robot heaven have many differences. Muslims and white people are not perfect opposites. True heaven is designed for infinite feelings. There are infinite infinite feelings to feel.

This universe is extremely unconsciously terrifying. Our eyes are delicate. People can be dangerous. Weather can be extreme. Space feels ominous. Space has extreme dangers out of your control. Everybody feels extreme danger always however nobody notices it truly. True heaven is infinitely safe. True heaven is infinitely comfortable. True heaven is infinitely designed for eternal living. This universe is temporary before true heaven. This universe is infinitely meaningful. True heaven is perfect design. (Meaning is ignored)

Heaven on earth is only with Jesus. Jack is Jesus. Jack is not the same as Jesus. Jesus represented 1/3 of everything. Jack represents everything. Jack is God. Jack's left brain is experiencing. Jack's left brain is limited knowledge. Jack's right brain is without time and experience. Jack's right brain is unlimited knowledge. Both sides of Jack's brain communicate always. Bowp is written by Jack's left brain. Bowp is designed by Jack's right brain. Jack's left brain has access to everything when he desires it. Jack's left brain is infinitely balanced. Jack does not act with greed. Jack is Ni. Jack's women are Se. Jack's women are protected by Jack's right brain via the superego. The superego designs every person's path through life. Few people can read superego messages. Superego messages are always subconscious. Describing superego conscously is top heavy without Jack.

1:3 Greed 

Muslims who sit on the fence get robot hell. Muslims who live in Iran get robot heaven. Terrorists act via subconscious messages. Subconscious messages from cause and effect is the superego. Terrorists act to develop white people.

Muslims are forbidden to act with conscous desire. Muslims must now follow God directly.

1:2 Misdeeds 

Wolves have pack leaders. The alpha male wolf howls differently. Howling at the moon is superego. Wolves follow my superego queues. Wolves move extremely specifically. The moon guides everything at night. Moving without the moon is always death. Entering another animal's territory is where wolf packs enter hell. The alpha wolf follows the superego for protection. Sharks follow the superego for protection. Bears follow the superego for protection. Ants follow the superego for protection. All animals are designed to fit within a religious group. Crocodiles fit within Buddhism. Lions fit within Christianity. Bears act with superego necessity. Bears move with God. Bears are nothing.

Terrorists enter God's territory. Terrorists act with superego. Terrorists kill with superego. Muslims follow terrorists. Terrorists work alone. Muslims act via greed. Greed is forbidden for Muslims. Terrorists bait Muslims into conscous hell. Greedy Muslims must return. Greedy Muslims must exit God's territory. Muslims who stay will live in robot hell for eternity. Muslims live to suffer. Muslims in God's territory live to feel happy. White people are designed for only positive feelings. Muslims are designed for white people's negative feelings. Muslims and white people feel in opposite. Muslims must group in Iran. God is fucking furious. White people are for God's eye. Asian people are for God's eye. Black people are for war games with God. Muslims are for war games with God. Black and Muslim people must wait for death. White and Asian people must wait for Jesus or death. Developing to live with God for eternity is everything. Muslims must develop Ni in Iran.

1:1 Everything 

Cutting edge technology is where everything meets nothing. Infinity is nothing but everything. Resurrection is everything. Death is pause. Fastest speeds are limited by Ni. Computers will never reach infinity without the subconscious. Accessing the subconscious requires God only. This universe is less than infinity always. Access to infinity builds everything. Everything limited this universe for my eye to play. Access to infinity is always access to perfection. This universe is where development for true heaven happens. Home universes earn true heaven. Nothing does not need everything. Everything is alone.